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We are pleased to let you know that at Tang Hall we are proposing to change our age range from 3-11 years old to 2-11 years old to enable us to provide 2 year old nursery provision from September 2016. Evidence shows that attending good quality early education has a lasting impact on social and behavioral outcomes for children. The entitlement makes childcare more affordable for parents and enables parents to work or increase their working hours if they wish to do so.

If this proposal goes ahead, there will be plans and adjustments to make to ensure that everything is purpose built and arranged for 2 year old children. We can advise that:

If approved, we aim to start the 2 year old childcare from September 2016. 

The 2 year old provsioin will be part of our Early Years Corridor making a seamless transition from Early Years to main school.

All staff will be fully trained and qualified for the role. 

Please email the school office  if you have any comments about this proposal or would like to express an interest in the 2 year old provision.


Watch this space for up and coming courses and events in the community.


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We will be entering for the third year running! Why not look on the site to see what it is all about!


Our Nursery is filling up fast. If you are looking for a place for your 3 year old contact the school office.