Writing at Tang Hall


At Tang Hall, we teach discrete spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as handwriting alongside our daily writing sessions.

SPaG lessons are taught daily. A range of resources are used in the teaching of punctuation and grammar ensuring that Standard English and the rules governing it are understood. Spelling is taught daily and spellings are given out and tested on a weekly basis. Home learning is expected to support the learning of spellings.

Handwriting is taught throughout the school in the cursive font from Foundation through to Key Stage 2. It is taught to ensure consistency throughout school and to ensure that children have fluency in their writing and that joins are created. Handwriting is taught as a discreet lesson and is reminded about in all curriculum lessons. At Tang Hall we use Letter Join to model our cursive hand writing style to the children. An emphasis to start all letters on the line begins in Foundation Stage with the use of the pre-cursive font with progression through school ensuring that children are joining their writing is joined by the end of Key Stage One.



Since September 2020, we have introduced a new daily writing program to support all children to catch up and embed their writing skills.


Tang Hall Writing Program