"We are not makers of history. We are made by history"
Martin Luther King Jr.

Our curriculum inspires Challenge, Resilience, Enrichment and exploration of the World #CREW


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Resilience is inspired by the new learning that takes place in history lessons. Challenge comes through the ambitious learning that takes place within lessons and how we approach our topics through big ideas and historical enquiry. We also study the resilience that key individuals have had to have in their lives in order to make an impact. This can be seen when children learn about explorers in Key Stage One up to Year 6 where children learn about the life of Joseph Rowntree. Enrichment is inspired by the different places we visit linked to our history learning. Living in York provides us with history right on our doorstep. Inspiration for the world we live in comes through the lives of those who have lived in the past and the way in which they have created history, changed the world and impacted on our lives now.

When designing the History curriculum we wanted our children to think about the history within their own locality before building and applying their knowledge elsewhere. Our Autumn term 'Welcome to Yorkshire' focusses on our local history particularly ensuring our children know the importance of York historically. York is a significant locality for our children as it is the place they live in. As a school we want to capitalise on the historical richness that York has to offer. Children in Key Stage One learn about the significant places and people who make York’s history for example Guy Fawkes and York City Walls are both studied. Children then look at the history of transport and this feeds into their Key Stage Two learning about trains including the significant individuals involved. Children in Key Stage 2 will learn about Joseph Rowntree and the history and significance of chocolate, philanthropy and business in York. Children in Year 5 also study Vikings and Anglo-Saxons embracing the significant impact that Vikings had on the local area.

Within our Spring term 'Travel in Time and Space' children at Tang Hall gain knowledge of the wider world and pre-history. In Key Stage 1 children study about holidays and leisure which allows them to use this knowledge to compare and contrast leisure in different eras. Children will also study the Stone Age to the Bronze Age in Year 3 allowing them to build upon this knowledge as they study other eras and times. This will allow them to compare and contrast different time periods.

Our summer term 'Treasure' allows children to discover ancient civilisations and the people who lived in them and the impact that they have today. Links can be found in all of the learning particularly when children learn about the Roman Empire and the links with York or Eboracum as it was known in Roman times. This links with the learning from the Autumn term and feeds forward into the learning about Anglo-Saxon and Vikings.

All of the learning that takes place within our history curriculum inspires challenge, resilience, enrichment and wonder of the world for the children of Tang Hall. Progressive skill teaching alongside sequenced knowledge ensures that learning is built upon and expanded to enable children to see the history that is around them.