School Council

Each year pupils are elected, by their peers, to represent their class as part of the school council.

To ensure the whole school has a voice we have a representative from Reception to Year 6.

This year our school council members are;

Rec: Ryan, Ruby H, Ruby D
Y1: Alexis, Bobby
Y2: Olivia, Riley
Y3, Nadia, Aleksander
Y4: Daniel, Nicola,
Y5: Scarlett R, Ben
Y6: Alara, Jeremy

School Counci Leader: Sairah

This year we have discussed ideas for whole school events, talked about how our new chrome books are being used in school, as well as thought of some questions to pose to the Lord Mayor.

This term we are discussing behaviour throughout school, which will include break and lunch times, as well as behaviour in class. The children will monitor how effective the behaviour system is and consider how it could be improved. We are keeping up with current events, such as the forthcoming Royal wedding, with children discussing how we can share in these celebrations. The children will also be discussing how we celebrate Religious Education across school.