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Lunch at school

At Tang Hall we know how important it is that children have a healthy, balanced lunch (based on the eatwell plate). Our school dinners, lovingly prepared by Diane and Bella, are a very healthy choice and the best way of ensuring your child has a good balanced meal but we know some families prefer their child to have a packed lunch.

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There is a child in our school who has a severe, life-threatening allergy to nuts. Touching, eating or being around these items may provoke a severe allergic reaction. For the safety of these pupils, we are asking parents not to send any food containing these items to school in their child’s packed lunch box. Thank you for your support and understanding of this potentially life-threatening allergy.

The Eatwell Plate
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If you wish your child to bring a packed lunch to school, please make sure that their lunch box and all containers and bottles are clearly labelled. We ask parents to avoid completely giving their children peanut butter sandwiches and other nut or seed-based snacks, as we have children in our school are highly allergic to these products. We also ask that you try your best to provide a healthy and balanced lunch. As a healthy school we do not encourage sweet snacks or fizzy drinks.

Ideas for a Healthy Lunchbox

For a balanced packed lunch please try to include one each of these healthy food types and drinks.


You will see that there are five components, plus a drink, which make up an ‘ideal’ lunch :




Essential for vitamins and minerals and fibre. Try to include at least one portion of fruit (fruit juice can count as one portion).



 Again for vitamins and minerals and fibre. Try to include at least one portion  of vegetables.



Required for muscle growth. Add some protein, for example lean meats, fish,  eggs, tofu, pulses or beans.



Starchy foods are great for energy. These include bread, rice, chapattis, and pasta. Unprocessed types are best such as wholemeal bread rather than white


Milk and dairy foods

Crucial for healthy bones and teeth. Choose from milk, cheese or yoghurt.


Please try to avoid:

Crisps, chocolate and snacks which are high in fat, sugar or salt





Fresh, cooled water will be freely available for your child on the table at lunchtime.


Healthy Drinks

If you would like to put a drink in your child’s packed lunch please try to include water, milk, fresh fruit juice or fruit smoothies.



Please try not to include any drinks sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners (such as aspartame).


Packed lunches should not include fizzy drinks, sweets, nuts or chocolate bars.

If you would like further advice on providing a healthy lunch then please click on the link below and have a look at this very useful and informative website that has been produced by the Food and Drink Federation. It has a Lunch Planner and links to a number of other sources including the British Nutrition Foundation, the Food Standards Agency and the Department of Health.

Other great ideas can be found at;

Also, packing a waste free lunch box could save you a LOT of money. This website is American but the ideas work on this side of the Atlantic as well: