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Meet the Staff and Governors

Come and meet the staff and governors at our school!
Picture 1 Mrs C Precious. Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs B Pawson. Deputy Head
Picture 3 Mrs R Hiley. EY Leader/ SENCO/ Nursery 1 Teacher
Picture 4 Miss C Spivey. Year 6 Teacher
Picture 5 Mr. T. Precious. Year 5 Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs G Hillier. - PPA teacher
Picture 7 Mr. J. Unsworth. - Year 4 Teacher
Picture 8 Miss L Heffernan. Year 3 Teacher
Picture 9 Miss L. Hampshire. Year 2 Teacher
Picture 10 Mrs G Tinker. Year 1 Teacher
Picture 11 Mrs R Harrington. Reception Teacher
Picture 12 Miss L. Moulsdale. Reception Teacher, PPA Teacher
Picture 13 Mrs J Sturgeon. Nursery 2 Teacher
Picture 14 Mrs F Williams. Office Manager
Picture 15 Mrs L Whittleston. Administrative Assistant
Picture 16 Miss M Murray. Pastoral Support
Picture 17 Mrs E Wilson. Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Mrs J Skinner. TA/ After School Club Supervisor
Picture 19 Miss A Jamieson. TA/ Breakfast Club Supervisor
Picture 20 Miss A Airstone. TA/ MSA/ Admin assistant
Picture 21 Mrs K Hutchinson. Teaching Assistant
Picture 22 Mrs C Lund. TA/ MSA/ Breakfast Club Worker
Picture 23 Miss J. Dawson. Teaching Assistant
Picture 24 Mrs A Ward. Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Mrs B Fearns. TA/ After School Club Worker
Picture 26 Mrs. N. Rochester. Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Mr M Thompson. Site Supervisor
Picture 28 Mrs D. Thomas. Cook ISS
Picture 29 Miss B. Ward
Picture 30 Mrs D. Hall. MSA Supervisor/ Cleaner
Picture 31 Mrs. C. Brown. MSA/ Cleaner
Picture 32 Miss C. Jamieson. Cleaning Supervisor/ MSA
Picture 33 Mrs. S. Mason. MSA/ After School Club Worker
Picture 34 Mrs. P. Pallister. Cleaner
Picture 35 Mr P Storrie. Chair of Governors
Picture 36 Mr J Walker. Governor
Picture 37 Mrs J Walsh. Governor
Picture 38 Miss J Thompson. Parent Governor
Picture 39 Mrs S Watson. Community Governor
Picture 40 Mrs A Fenton. Parent Governor
Picture 41 Mrs K Yoward. Parent Governor