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Our school, our education, our life: shaped by our thoughts and our voices!


We are currently talking about: Developing our behaviour system

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Primary Pupil Voice Event

What is school council?

School Council is group of pupils from our school who are elected (chosen by their class) to represent the views of all pupils and to improve our school.


Who are we?

Each class has two School Council representatives.

Robins Year 1: Phoebe and Kai

Woodpeckers Year 2: Shay and Agata

Swallows Year 3: Scarkett and Riley

Owls Year 4: Waleed and Kasey

Kingfishers Year 5: Rosaya and Jamie

Kingfishers Year 6: Phoebe and Jack (Leaders)


Check out our display board near the school office if you're unsure of our friendly faces and to find out our current focus of discussion. 



As school councillors we always are on duty and are always open to hearing your ideas and suggestions to help improve our school. Each class has a School Council Record folder where we can record ideas to take to meetings. 


What are our responsibilities as school councillors?

  • Talk to our class about their ideas / feedback to class- we will ask you about your thoughts and ideas and share information from our meetings with you. We are working hard to continually make our school an even more outstanding place. Have a voice and make your voice heard by talking to us!
  • Attend meetings- we meet every two weeks as a group with Miss Hampshire.
  • Share and discuss ideas- at our meetings we share the ideas collected from all children in school and discuss them.
  • Meet with senior teachers- our ideas to improve our education and school are then passed on to Mrs Precious (our headteacher) and Mrs Pawson (our deputy headteacher). We meet with them regularly to share our thoughts. Our teachers then discuss our ideas with all members of school staff and governors- at Tang Hall Primary School we are a team! 


If you think you might like to be a class representative for School Council in future, check out this web site for top tips and information on the role! 


What are we working on?


Summer: 2017

Primary Voice Event


On Monday, Phoebe, Jamie and Rosaya (our Year 5/6 school councillors) attended a special 'Primary Voice' event for York Primary Schools. The event was hosted at West Offices in partnership with the City of York Council and provided children from across York to have their say on their city, and issues concerning children and young people. The children took part in three workshops throughout the morning. The first session gave our children opportunity to speak to members of York city council, raising issues that concern them and asking questions about our local roads, environment and much more. In the second workshop they discussed the important matter of keeping the streets of our city clean and worked hard to create and present their ideas for a campaign to tackle the matter. The final workshop allowed the children to discussed budgets and spending and they debated how they would spend the council budget and why. While at the event Minster FM and York Press documented the children’s efforts of the morning, however, this was not the end to our visit… Phoebe, Jamie and Rosaya then went to BBC Radio York studios where they met Jules Bellerby and discussed the event with him. Their discussions were aired on the BBC breakfast show the following morning. Our school councillors represented out school beautifully and they worked incredibly well to ensure the voices of children from Tang Hall were heard.   



Autumn term: 2016

This term we have been discussing ideas and issues- things we want to implement and improve across school and learning. We have spoken to all classes across school and are now discussing the ideas brought forward by each year group. There are some exciting thoughts from children!


We have also been working closely with our local Morrison's store who are working alongside us to help promote a healthy lifestyle and understanding of food production. Wendy from Morrison's came to meet out older children and planted an apple tree with us. We also enjoyed lots of yummy, crunchy apples. Hopefully we will soon me picking our own apples from our tree!



Summer term: 2016

School Council have been beavering away over the last few terms on a number of projects:


Firstly, they collaborated with Miss Heffernan in discussion about how to improve our school library. We are really lucky to have such a great space and worked with Miss Heffernan to share children’s views from across school about how we’d like out library to be. Changes so far include some decorative changes, including a wonderful story tree made by Mrs Hutchinson, and a selection of new books bought from children’s suggestions.


Secondly, Miss Murray asked the School Council their thoughts on the use of a peer-buddy system in school. After discussions this is something looking to be carried forward in the new school year to build on the buddy systems we already have in place, which include older children buddying our newest and youngest starters in school and reading friend’s support.


Thirdly… one of the longest, ongoing projects the School Council have been working on is an informative friendship leaflet. This leaflet had been planned, designed and written by the children for their peers in school. Art work in the leaflet was created by children in school and chosen via a school-wide competition. The leaflet provides information and tips about friendship, as well as useful ideas about who to speak to and important things to remember. The leaflet is nearly finished and School Council will be presenting to senior staff in school soon… Once finished the leaflet will be available in school and here on the website.


In between these projects, School Council have been continually discussing day-to-day aspects of school life and have been continually on duty listening to peers contributions to bring to meetings and discuss. 


Autumn 2 (October- December, 2015)

With the ideas collected from each class the school councillors began their discussions about the school rules. It took time to share the rules from all the classes as there were so many great ideas- we realised this was going to be a tricky job to narrow down so many fantastic thoughts! We began by grouping the rules from each class into categories, which was followed by combining some of the ideas in each category. After some extremely hard thinking and thought provoking discussions we came up with a final list of rules. One of our final responsibilities of this term was to share our hard work with Mrs Precious and Mrs Pawson. They were REALLY impressed with our work and went on to share our ideas with the rest of the school staff team and governors. 


'Please pass on my praise and thanks to the children involved in the School Council. Their hard work and commitment to their role is a credit to each of them. Their school riles are brilliant and certainly adhere to what myself as a parent, expect from my own children. WELL DONE GUYS!' 

(Mrs Fenton, School Governor and Parent)


Autumn 1 (September-October, 2015) 

The School Council members met for the first time as a group, we did some 'getting to know' each other then discussed how we wanted our meetings to work. Our first decision as a group was how often we should meet; we decided meeting every two weeks would be a good idea, so that we have time to speak to our classes before coming back to meet.

We then looked at tackling our first challenge- School Rules! We were asked by Mrs Precious take the lead in updating our school rules. Each of the councillors began to collect ideas from their classes and return to meetings with thoughts and ideas from children across our school. 



School Council 2015-16

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