A wide range of clubs are on offer at Tang Hall Primary school. Clubs run for a term and vary throughout the year, they are run by Tang Hall Staff. Each term a letter is sent home for children to select the clubs they wish to attend. We allocate on a first come first serve basis and parents are to assume their child IS going to the club that they have signed up for. We will tell parents if a child has not received a place at a club. After school clubs start straight after school and finish at 4.15. Children should be collected promptly at this time, unless indicated on the reply slip that they are allowed to make their own way home (Years 4,5 and 6 only)

After school clubs that are on offer this term are:




On occasions some clubs are run by outside agencies. These clubs will not run for the term but for set dates. Letters in regards to these additional clubs are sent out to parents of the year groups involved.