Nursery – Puffins and Goldcrests

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Creating something exciting, watch this space! #THlearnEY @THPuffins 🚀
Showing an interest in the weighing scales today. @PathfinderMAT #THLearnEY
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Making Aliens with the orange play dough. Very imaginative. @PathfinderMAT #THLearnEY

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Learning this term: Travel Through Time and Space – our whole school topic.

We will be sharing the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ in our topic work so prepare for lots of pants based chat coming home! 

We will also explore the changing seasons and other topical events.
As last half term remained snow free we could not explore the freezing side of winter, so we look forward to having some flurries to allow us to experiment in.
Throughout the half term we will continue to work on Letters and Sounds and continue build stories together to develop speaking and listening, early reading and writing and super story telling skills. We will also continue to develop problem solving and knowledge of numbers, shape and patterns.


Staff In Nursery – Puffins and Goldcrests

Class teachers – Mrs Hiley and Mrs Sturgeon
Teaching Assistants usually based in Puffins Miss Dawson, Mrs Ward
Teaching Assistants usually based in Goldcrests Mrs Rochester

Lunch time support - Mrs Mason

Sessions: 8.30am - 11.30am

12.00pm - 3.00pm

You can top up the session with a lunch slot for £2.00 (and you provide a healthy packed lunch). 11.30am - 12.00pm

Puffins offer full time provision for children aged 2 and 3.

Our Puffins Nursery welcomes children the term after their 2nd birthday. Children are welcomed each day into a bright, spacious learning environment, where they get many opportunities to socialise with other children, learn through purposeful activities and develop their speaking and listening skills.

Goldcrests offer full time provision for children aged 3 and 4.

The term after the children turn 3 they will move into our Goldcrests Nursery. Here the children can become even more independent and learn to make many choices about how they like to learn and what they will need to succeed. The children will have mini focussed sessions, each day, to develop early phonics and early maths skills.