Nursery – Puffins and Goldcrests

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Learning this month


It is lovely to have a full classroom with lots of excited learning happening. Our new topic is Out Of This World.


Here is the Home Learning Padlet for this month


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November Topic - Yorkies

You can find our home learning on this padlet -

December Topic - Crazily Cool Celebrations

You will find our home learning on padlet soon


Staff In Nursery – Puffins and Goldcrests

Class – Mrs Sturgeon
Teaching Assistants usually based in Puffins Miss Dawson, Mrs Ward
Teaching Assistants usually based in Goldcrests Mrs Rochester

Lunch time support - Mrs Mason

Puffins Sessions: 8.30am - 11.30am or 12.00pm - 3.00pm

Goldcrests Sessions: 8.30am - 11.30am or 12.00pm - 3.00pm or 8.30am - 3pm with a lunch break for £2.00 (and you provide a healthy packed lunch). 11.30am - 12.00pm

Our Puffins Nursery welcomes children the term after their 2nd birthday. Children are welcomed each day into a bright, spacious learning environment, where they get many opportunities to socialise with other children, learn through purposeful activities and develop their speaking and listening skills.

Goldcrests offer full time provision for children aged 3 and 4. The term after the children turn 3 they will move into our Goldcrests Nursery. Here the children can become even more independent and learn to make many choices about how they like to learn and what they will need to succeed. The children will have mini focussed sessions, each day, to develop early phonics and early maths skills.