Our approach to the curriculum

Curriculum statement

At Tang Hall we wish for our curriculum to have a life long impact upon the children we teach. Their learning is at the heart of everything we do; we provide our children with a broad and balanced curriculum which does not just focus on academic subjects and outcomes. We believe at Tang Hall that the curriculum which we deliver to our children plays a major role in developing their love and thirst for learning. We intend for our curriculum to prepare our children for the future.

The intent of our curriculum is to give our children an exciting, inspirational start to school life which provides them with knowledge, skills and understanding that they can not only use now but in their futures. We want our children to want to come to school to learn and have a thirst for knowledge and understanding about the world around them.

Implementing our curriculum the learning of our children is based upon:
· The Primary National Curriculum
· The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework
· The York Locally Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education written by York’s Standing Advisory Council for RE (SACRE)
· The needs, skills, knowledge and interests of the children we are teaching.
Learning in different phases and year groups looks different depending upon the needs of the children. You will find a range of teaching and learning styles as you move through school. There are commonalities as you move through school to create consistency and to ensure curriculum coverage across all year groups.

At Tang Hall all curriculum areas support and enrich each other and can be taught in isolation or in conjunction with other subjects. At Tang Hall we aim to bring together different curriculum areas so that pupils can see the links between the different curriculum areas and how they can be used to support each other. Individual subjects allow pupils to develop skills in other areas. Developments in English can be made in other subject areas as it provides opportunities for speaking and listening, reading, writing and drama through role-play. Mathematic skills such as problem solving and data handling can be learnt in many other areas of the curriculum. All subjects are taught with strong links with British Values, PSHE and SMSC which permeate our entire school and school curriculum.

The impact of the curriculum that we deliver is that we have children who are successful, independent, inquisitive, active, positive, resilient and motivated learners in readiness for their future whatever they would like that to be.

If you would like further details of our school curriculum contact our school office who will be able to direct you to our subject leaders and other relevant documents.