Year 5 – Nightingales

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And now workshop activities with @TakeOverYork @YorkTheatre @THKingfishers
@THKingfishers and @THNightingales watched a performance of E-reality as part of @TakeOverYork @YorkTheatre this af…
Writing letters to Hogwarts in class this morning, using skills learnt throughout school. Will share the results at…
Weaving a web this afternoon in learning challenge, we will use this skill next week when we build our amazon hut.

Learning this term: 

In English we will be reading the Map Maker’s Race and continuing to work on developing our writing skills inspired by this novel.

In Maths we will be focussing on properties of shape and measurements. Our learning will encompass lots of practical working and converting units of measure.

In Science we will be learning about electricity. We will be working scientifically using symbols and practical apparatus to explore and construct simple circuits.

Our Learning Challenge this half term is geography focussed and we will be exploring ‘Marvellous Maps’. We will be expanding out map reading skills through using four-figure co-ordinates and identifying locations around the world.

Learning Challenge Homework for this half term:

Please choose activities from each of the English, Maths and Science rows to work on through the half term. When you have completed these you may wish to work on some of the extra activities that have been suggested.

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Staff in Nightingales Class
Class teacher – Miss Spivey and Miss Hampshire
Teaching Assistant – Miss Jamieson