Early Years Leader's Welcome

My name is Rachel Hiley and I am very proud to be the Nursery Manager here at Tang Hall Primary School. I have worked at Tang Hall for 6 ½ years and have seen the Nursery grow and develop over this time. Alongside me I have a superb team of Nursery practitioners.

We offer flexible provision for children from 2 years old. Our Nursery works as a whole unit for the majority of the sessions, but we have base classes for the children aged 2 turning 3 and for those aged 3 turning 4, to ensure that all children are nurtured and taught appropriately. The youngest children attend the Puffins class and the older children attend Goldcrests. Our classes have bird names alongside the whole school. All children are welcomed into their base classes, where activities are tailored to suit the needs of the children. We then open the two classes up to encourage all of the children to mix, engage and learn together.

Our Nursery provision offers many independent learning opportunities, where all children are encouraged to ask questions, explore and develop their own ideas. The experienced staff work alongside the children to expand on their knowledge and further develop speaking and listening skills.

The Nursery is a key part of the whole school and we join in with many aspects of school life, such as attending celebratory assemblies, making use of the hall for physical activities, as well as performing with other children at Christmas. We also join in with sports day and themed activities. The children’s work is celebrated throughout the school, alongside their older peers.

As the children enter our Reception we continue to foster this love for learning. The children’s learning is facilitated with a well thought out balance of teacher led activities, to focus on early phonics and maths skills, as well as to further develop speaking and listening, and opportunities for independent learning. The adults are skilled in ensuring that all children are becoming great little thinkers, encouraging them to try new activities and consider how to make improvements to their ideas.

Our aim is to encourage all children to become happy, motivated learners, who want to find out more and want to develop and make progress in readiness for all of their learning adventures to come.

Kind regards

Rachel Hiley